World Cup 2014

Because this is a soccer blog, I’m covering the World Cup. This page is a collection of my coverage for Brazil 2014:

Part 1 – Simple introduction.

Part 2 – USMNT roster review, US-Azerbaijan preview.

Part 3 – US-Azerbaijan review.

Part 4 – US-Turkey preview.

Part 5 – US-Turkey review.

Part 6 – Discussion on Landon Donovan and whatnot. Humorous breakdown of Klinsmann’s son’s tweet is enough to make it worth reading.

Part 7 – Mexico-Portugal As It Happened.

Part 8 – US-Nigeria preview (brief).

Part 9 – US-Nigeria review.

Part 10 – my World Cup 23 of Awesomeness and Whatnot.

Day 0 – Group A preview, Brazil-Croatia preview.

Day 1 – Brazil-Croatia review, Mexico-Cameroon preview, Group B preview, Spain-Netherlands preview, Chile-Australia preview.

The Imperfect Game: a Take on Brazil-Croatia, the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and the Philosophy of Soccer – It gets a little deep, but it has a positive ending. So when your half-way through it, try not to run away weeping.

Netherlands 5-1 Spain: The World Champions get Crushed by a Rock Band – My analysis of the Smackdown at Salvador. Pique and Ramos as comedians. Van Persie and Robben as rock stars.

Can Super Mario Steal the Show at the World Cup? – I could write about Mario Balotelli all day. Here’s what I did in two hours (5 minutes writing, 35 minutes pacing frantically, worrying about missing the non-existent deadline, and an hour and 20 minutes reading about Finnish history or whatever on Wikipedia.)

Saturday (Day 3) Review – Breakdown of Group D, a bit of reveling in CONACAF’s victory over Suarez-less Uruguay, and the Totally Inaccurate Power Rankings at it’s Inaccurate-est.

USA-Ghana Epic Preview – It’s like a lot of little previews put together.

Power Rankings + USA-Ghana Poetry – I share a poetic recap of the USA’s win over Ghana, but not before some Total Inaccurateness.

Wednesday Thoughts + the 4 Stages of Belgium – I dish my thoughts on what happened on Wednesday June 18th, and then share the story of Belgium’s public opinion.

Thursday Thoughts + World Cup of CONCACAF -After some quick hits on assorted topics, I analyze how well my home continent has done.

Friday Thoughts (Brief) – Due to me making my USA-Portugal preview, I was only able to give a brief recaps of the events on June the 20th.

USA-Portugal Epic Preview – Several small previews put together. A call for Wondo.

Group Stage Scenarios + Totally Inaccurate Power Rankings + Brief USA-Portugal Review – It kind of explains itself, right?

Monday/Tuesday Thoughts – Luis Suarez’s bite and other things.

USA-Germany Epic Preview – A preview of the USA’s game against the Deutsch Fußball-Maschine.

Brief Group Stage Review – It will blow your mind.

Round of 16 Thoughts – My meandering thoughts on the first three days of the Round of 16.

Belgium-USA Preview – Belgium. USA. Wondokota. It gets Hazardous. Not epic in size but epic in content. Read it.


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