World Cup 2014: Part 8: Brief USA-Nigeria Preview

The United States will play Nigeria. Learn more about the teams on Wikipedia: USA, Nigeria. Those are links, by the way.

Quick thoughts:

-Jozy Altidore, yeah, he needs to score, but if I had to choose between hold-up play and a couple goals in the World Cup, I’d choose hold-up play, so that he can help create chances for the other players to score lots of goals. Dempsey and Jóhannsson are the goal-scorers. Altidore is the guy who helps in transition from defense to attack, which will be super-important to the US because the team will be pushed back defending.

-Nigeria is supposedly like Ghana, but I don’t totally buy that. I mean, it kind of makes sense, but I think it’s overblown.

-How is the team going to play? I think that if they use the diamond at all, it should be vs. Ghana so that Bradley can help shut down Michael Essien. There’s a good chance that that is the only reason why Klinsmann decided to play with the diamond.

That’s it. Yeah, I’m not very good at this. Oh well. Any thoughts? Questions? Suggestions? Threats? Share it in the comments below.


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