World Cup 2014: Part 1: Prepare Yourselves

Welcome to my new site!

I will talk about the World Cup. If there wasn’t that to talk about, I might fill my blog with GIFs of Bruce Arena reacting to things. Certainly a worthy cause, but it’s a bit of a niche market. I’m here to talk about the biggest single-sport event in the entire world. Nothing niche about that.

I will post an update here regularly (before and after each US game plus whenever I want to) before the World Cup, and when it does come around I’ll try to file a World Cup report every day.

I’ll try to talk a good bit about everything, but a lot of my focus will be on my home nation (the United States), the serious title contenders (Brazil, Spain, Germany, Argentina), other CONCACAF nations (Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica), and England (England).

Oh, and I’ll try to get ESPN to publish my stuff. We’ll see how that one works out. Since I didn’t get the MLS rights, I think I’m due something.


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